Backdrop Low Tack Vinyl | Custom Print


High quality low tack vinyl prints of what you need. Our rectangle none cut vinyls allow you to easily cut to a rough shape and size, apply to your backdrop and then trim any excess from around the sides.

Our video tutorial link comes with the vinyl to ensure you know the best way to apply.


Our standard delivery is 5 - 7 days. We can beat this time but please get in touch if you need it sooner.

Backdrop Low Tack Vinyl | Custom Print

Backdrop Low Tack Vinyl | Custom Print


Easy to Apply

No issue with bubbles due to using a low tack vinyl, it allows you to lift whilst applying to squeegee out any bubbles. These allow for easy application and removal on wood.

Any Colour or Design

Whether you would like a solid colour, pattern or anything you can think of we can print onto low tack vinyl.

The finishing touch

Make your backdrop personal by having a custom sign, whether than be a name or symbol. Being made from 6mm MDF or acrylic.